Amazing pool. Gym fairly well equipped and decent weights area. Always plenty of space and free equipment
January 2016
This was a rare Friday mid-day work out. The gym was quiet, and everything was free except the pool as there were classes. No complaints, great staff and friendly reception as always.
October 2015
Not too busy, good range of equipment, very good for the price.
October 2015
I would definitely recommend this gym. Love the swimming pool not so busy and spacious enough, you can also check the timetable on-line for when it would be more convenient to swim as they do have family and other groups on specific days and times. Very clean, excellent customer service.
October 2015
All the equipment you need to get going, highly recommended to everyone
September 2015
Pool can be a bit hectic at peak-times, but otherwise this gym is consistent and pleasant
August 2015
I would definitely recommend this gym. Love the pool, not so busy and spacious enough. Very clean, excellent customer service.
July 2015
Great gym, nice team.

April 2015
The gym has very good facilities. The customer service at reception was really nice and helpful, and redeeming my pass was super quick.
March 2015
My favourite gym in the area. Unfortunately, the swimming pool is not available yet after the flood, which is great after a workout. I hope it is going to be sorted out soon.
November 2014
Great local gym with friendly staff, and plenty of equipment.
June 2014
Good condition of equipments and very nice pool. I would recommend this place.
June 2014
Great value for money, nice facilities (incl. changing room) and good size pool.
June 2014