What is a fitness assessment?
An assessment is an opportunity for you to recieve a full body appraisal.  Many protocols are used to assess your current health/fitness level.  Once these results have been analysed, a detailed exercise programme will be written to help you achieve your personal goals.

What is involved in the assessment?
The assessments take place on a one-to-one basis with one of our fully qualified instructors. He/she will take the following measurements: height, weight, blood pressure, body fat percent, aerobic capacity, upper/lower body strength and flexibility measurements.

Why should I have a fitness assessment?
An assessment will help us establish your baseline fitness level.  This helps in the identification of your fitness goals.  It will also help in the identification of any weaknesses you may have.

Who will do my fitness assessment?
All our fitness instructors are fully qualified exercise professionals.  You may request a male or female instructor.

What do fitness assessments cost and how long do they take?
All fitness assessments are free of charge and take approximately 90 minutes to complete.  After the assessment, your results will be compiled and kept on record.

For more information about fitness assessments please email Paul Lewis Fitness Manager: paul@ccsclub.co.uk